What are Build Ninja parts made from?

Build Ninja parts are made using the latest 3D printing technology using black ABS.  ABS is a strong and durable engineering plastic.  It has been selected because as printed it closely matches the texture and low sheen of the original car plastics. 

Do they have a textured finish?

Yes they do, parts are supplied as printed, and have a slightly rough surface texture which resembles the finish of factory parts.

Can Build Ninja parts be painted?

Most people choose to use parts as supplied, but they can also be sanded, painted even wrapped to suit your personal preference.

What is the benefit of the Gear Indicator unit?

To comply with Australian Design Rules (ADR’s) a gear lever must display what gear the car is in and be visible day or night. When fitting a ratchet style lever under the original console the gear selected is not displayed. By using the Build Ninja unit you car complies with the ADR allowing it to be engineered for street use, giving you piece of mind if you car is pulled over by the police.

What does the Dakota Digital unit do?

The Dakota unit is mounted on the side of the gearbox and sends an electronic signal to a box in the car. The Build Ninja unit connects to this box. Most people mount the Dakota unit under the console right by the gear lever.

What is the model Dakota Digital unit I need?

The Build Ninja works best with the GSS-3000 Dakota Digital unit but will also work with the older superceded GSS-1000 and GSS-2000 units

Do you sell the Dakota Digital unit or where do I buy it?

Build Ninja does not stock the until, but they are available at most speed shops, but also even off Ebay.

What size gauges fit Build Ninja clusters?

Most Build Ninja gauge clusters are designed to suit 2- 1/16″ or 52mm gauges. This the most common size, but we can easily change a current design to suit a different gauge if required.

Can you do custom designs?

YES! We love to design custom parts. There are a lot of very cool electronic gauges for example available, and we can easily incorporate them into the design for you.

What cost is a custom design?

Usually there is no additional cost for a custom design. But in return we ask to be allowed to make them available to other people on our website. We can also offer a design service at cost if you would like to keep ownership of the design.

How does the gear indicator unit work?

The Build Ninja system is a custom-designed LED mounting plate that fits perfectly and neatly into the car’s console under the existing gear indicator plate. It connects to a Dakota Digital sender unit that sits on the side of the gearbox attached to the gear selection lever. This connects to the Dakota ECU under the console. Our unit attaches to the ECU and lights up what gear it’s in.

What are the custom decals for the gear indicator unit?

Custom decals are supplied that mimic the original decal look, and are available in 2, 3 and 4 speed variations, and also in either forward or reverse pattern.

Do the Ratchet Indicators work with all B&M Shifters?

Yes, they work with all ratchet-style shifters. As long as they are dropbox style mounted, and using the factory gear surround.

What Gearboxes is the Build Ninja system compatible with?

The system will work with virtually any automatic gearbox including GM TH350, TH400, 700R4, 4L60/70/80, as well as Ford C-4 and C-6.