Designed to fix a loose/wobbly console

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VN-S consoles often suffer from cracked rear mounting holes and damaged or missing front spacer tubes. 

This results in the console wobbling side to side or not aligning with the dash properly.

This kit includes a rear mounting plate that simple drops in the bottom of the console, and the screws when tightened push down on the whole bottom making it nice a firm.

It is made to suit 2 new 50mm long countersunk screws, which are included in the kit.

The front spacers are made of high strength ABS and will far outlast the factory items, and are improved on the OE parts by incorporating a hex into the top to make fitting very easy.

Kit Includes;

  • Console Bottom Plate
  • Front Height Spacers X 2
  • Countersunk 10G x 50 Long Self Tapping screws X 2

Why ABS?

Build Ninja parts are made using the latest 3D printing technology using black ABS.  ABS is a strong and durable engineering plastic.  It has been selected because as printed it closely matches the texture and low sheen of the original car plastics.  Parts are supplied as printed, and have a slightly rough surface texture.  All parts can be used as-is (as seen on HSV454) but they can also be sanded, painted to whatever you like to suit your personal preference.



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